Why is a Polo Shirt Better Than a T-shirt?

Why is a Polo Shirt Better Than a T-shirt?

When it comes to comfort, there is no match for a polo shirt. A Polo shirt is a stylish option for every event you want to attend without putting in lots of effort. Many people prefer to wear T-shirts, but they are not suitable for every event.  

You can wear a T-shirt casually but a polo shirt can be worn in professional and formal events. Hence, if you are looking for a shirt that you can wear on multiple occasions by adopting different styles, a polo shirt is better than a T-shirt. To know more about why a polo shirt is better than a T-shirt, continue reading. 


Polo Shirt Gives Business Look  

One of the major benefits of polo shirts is that they give a business look by staying casual. Though you can mistakenly refer to a polo as a t-shirt with a collar, it is more than that. T-shirts are seen as not formal, whereas polo shirts aren’t.

In comparison to polos, t-shirts seem boyish. However, polo shirts appear more sophisticated. Whether you are around about 20s, the age of around thirty, or even in your forties and above, polo shirts any beat t-shirts when it comes to classiness. Polos are formal and can work for both business meetings, dates out in the town, or backyard BBQs. In T-shirts, you can only style it on your casual gathering, but for sophisticated places, you need a polo shirt that comes with a collar and button. The polo's button and collar enhance the shirt's grace, which is perfect for any casual event.  


Polo Shirts are Ideal For Everyone  

T-shirts can be unflattering. If you have excess weight or a significantly skeletal body and do not possess a muscular formation, the wearing of t-shirts will inevitably make you feel uncomfortable. With polos, it’s the opposite.

It does not matter what shape you are, a quality polo shirt will make your appearance sporty and refined. For skinny people, a polo is also preferable to give you a better fit because it hugs the chest and arms just right. 

Polo also can make your bulk look good if you are slightly overweight.  A polo shirt is the best choice to achieve a smart and neat look. You don’t have to be conscious about your body in a polo shirt. Buy the polo shirt that fits you well, and you are good to go to for any daily life event. 


Polo Shirts are Light on Budget  

If you are tight on budget or want something affordable, a polo shirt is the right choice for you. Men’s polos have a high class feel to them and also are affordable – a winning combination when it comes to price cutting. So, don’t miss the opportunity. Get yours today if you want to style your look at an affordable price. 


Why is a Polo Shirt Better Than a T-shirt?


Polo Shirts are Stylish  

Polos are versatile. They can be worn both with denim, shorts, and pants. Use them for work, when you go to the movies, wear them while playing golf. Secure your polo clothing with whatever shoes you have, but that also suits the occasion — sneakers, boots. The world is yours. With a polo shirt, you are open to different choices. You have all the right to style your outfit the way you want by using some styling techniques and pairing some accessories. 


Polo Shirts are Weather Appropriate  

You can make use of the polo throughout all seasons as it is manufactured from a material that allows for breathability. You can turn over the collar during summer to keep your neck away from sharp sunlight or use it in winter to hold back freezing air from entering. Polo shirts mostly come in cotton, but you can try different materials according to your town’s climate.  

Polo shirts are now available in multiple fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about their styling. You can now wear it in every season, whether it's summer or winter. Moreover, if you want to add some layers to your outfit, you can pair it with a jacket, cardigan, blazer, and other accessories. Gray Horse Basics has multiple options in polo shirts that will help you look classy and sophisticated.


The Bottom Line

Polo shirts are something that everyone wants to add to their wardrobe. It comes with multiple advantages that help people to enhance their look. If you want to enhance your personality, make sure to add polo shirts to your wardrobe. You can style it differently by pairing different things. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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