Do Polos Look Professional? Formal or Casual?

Do Polos Look Professional? Formal or Casual?

Polo shirts are one of the old and classy clothes everyone loves to wear. Because of its comfort, people want to wear it on every occasion. Initially, polo shirts were considered sportswear, but they stepped into the fashion industry with time. Many brands introduce polo shirts as casual and formal wear, that people wonder do polos look professional? A Polo shirt is a type of clothing that can be worn on every kind of formal or casual occasion by using some techniques.  

In this blog, we will discuss polo shirts in detail. So, let's delve into more information! 


What Is a Polo Shirt?

Before addressing the question of whether a polo shirt is professional or casual, it is necessary first to determine what exactly a polo shirt.

A polo shirt is an outfit that features buttons at the neck, short sleeves and a collar. It features some basic colors and designs to make it look even better than its appearance. First, it was mainly cotton but it can be obtained now in several fabrics. You can experiment with numerous styles by trying out various fabrics for different appearances. In addition, we’ll talk about how to utilize professional or casual polo shirts for your everyday events.


Is Wearing Polo Professional?  

Wearing polo shirts in the professional environment is relative because professional spaces heavily rely on their particular dress code and workplace culture. Here are some considerations 

  • Business Casual: Polo shirts often come as an ideal choice for business casual dress codes. They find a middle ground between formality and comfort, which makes them perfect for work environments that do not necessitate suits and ties. For more casual appearances, pairing a correctly sized polo collared shirt with dress trousers or chinos would create an easygoing look that is presentable for office environments. 
  • Dress Code Flexibility: In some workplaces, the dress code has been considered more relaxed, and it is used to allow employees to wear polo shirts as long as they are kept neat, clean, and in good condition. In such situations, you can choose to wear polo shirts with solid, low-key colors or very subtle patterns if formal office dressing is required. 

Is Wearing Polo Formal?  

Polo traditionally doesn’t fit in the formal category. Still, you can use it as formal attire if you want to stay comfortable while achieving the look for the formal event. With a polo shirt, you don’t have to wear those formal pants or shirts. You can style it with ease. Adding a blazer or sports coat over your polo shirt helps a lot adding that formal and smartness to your dress up. This combination will help you look smart and refined in meetings or presentations. 

Moreover, men must wear polos in a business casual ensemble. They’re a must have for any CEO or executive at the head of an industry that is more creative and casual in nature. Polo shirts are also a lifesaver for summer business casual outfits or areas with harsh temperatures.  

If you are new to wearing these collared shirts, buy the core colors. Black, navy blue, grey, and white are the basic colors of any wardrobe. They pair effortlessly with anything else in your wardrobe. 


Do Polos Look Professional? Formal or Casual?


Is Wearing a Polo Shirt Casual?  

Polos are a kind of apparel that can be worn to casual functions with different choices. Polo shirts are in essence informal clothing, and they do it well In other words, here is how you can embrace the casual nature of polo shirts.

Weekend Clothing: Polo shirts are perfect for low-key weekend activities such as going to a barbeque party and undertaking chores or watching sporting events. They provide an informal choice, which can be both convenient and stylish. However, if you are planning something for the weekend and have trouble deciding what to wear, a polo shirt will do

Elegant Styling: Polo shirts can easily complement different environments; formal or less familiar. They combine perfectly with jeans, shorts or even bathing suit bottoms for a cool-casual and intentional but careless look. It is easy to combine polo shirts with everything else.

Color and Pattern: In a less formal environment, you are more likely to be able to select the polo shirt color and style that suits your personality best. You can opt for some life with brighter colors and bold prints.

Polo shirts suit the summer adequately. So achieve that style with plain chinos combined together. One of the most solid evidence that you don’t value your appearance is dressing up in clothes that are too tight or loose. Therefore it is necessary to wear that dress that fits in you and no other. Gray Horse Basics offers several styles of polo shirts that will work to accentuate your personality with style.


The Bottom Line

Polo shirts are one of the old yet trendy clothing that everyone loves to wear. You can easily wear a polo shirt if you want to attend any professional, formal, or casual event. The collar and buttons on the shirts can easily be used for office, professional meetings, and any casual dinner. To order your favorite polo shirts, feel free to contact us.

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