How to wash and care for polo shirts?

How to wash and care for polo shirts?

Polo shirt is the attire that almost everyone loves to style. People take less care of polo shirts because of their extreme comfort and simplicity. With time, the material of polo shirts gets damaged. To keep your favorite polo shirt in good condition, it is necessary to take care of it, especially when washing it. Most people don’t know how to clean a polo shirt that can keep its condition intact. To use your polo shirt for a long time you should know how to wash and care for polo shirts. This way, you can use your polo shirt for a long time and maintain its elegance. 

To keep your polo shirts in excellent condition, we have gathered some amazing tips that will help you a lot in maintaining your polo. So, let’s get started!


Inspect Labels and Materials

Once you get acquainted with the fabric of your polo shirts before throwing them into the laundry machine, you can take appropriate action. The textile care and handling may vary due to the fabric. Therefore, it is important to get to know the material. Lastly, you won’t find a regular polo with premium organic worn here, as we are the perfect polo shirt. 

Our tip: go by the instructions on the tag of your polo provided by the manufacturer. That’s a great starting point.


Sort by Color and Fabric

It might appear really easy to say, but to make sure that your pristine white polo shirt is not going to have a pinkish post-washing shade. Don’t let your red sports socks be on the same cycle as your laundry. Of course, this also refers to every other hue, not only the yellow.

 Keep your laundry separate by separating them into whites, blacks, lights, and darks to prevent the transfer of color. Instead of just using colors, you may categorize your laundry based on fabric type to prevent wear and tear.

If you prefer polo shirts made of polyester or blends, be sure to use a laundry bag to protect the fibers from fraying and releasing microplastics into the water system. On the other hand, the polo made from organic cotton, which features quality and sustainability at the same time, is our absolute favorite.


How to wash and care for polo shirts?

Unbutton and Empty Pockets

If your polo features a button placket, then it is essential to unbutton it before washing to prevent putting too much pressure on the seams and buttons while the washing process is in progress. That’s not to say that such an option is not the most logical if your polo has beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons, like in our dreamy polo shirt. Check also that if you have any pockets, they are empty, and do not leave anything that can get deformed. Our style suggestion: consider collared shirts without pockets to have the look of a well-dressed man but with the charm of the past.

Use Cold Water

Now that your polo is sorted and prepared, you can proceed to the washing machine. Choose a cold water load with an energy-saving eco-cycle to keep color brightness. Feel confident that cold water is pretty much enough to deal with almost all common stains and dirt.


Select Eco-Friendly Detergents

While washing the eco-cotton polo in an eco-cycle, the detergent also should have an eco-promise. Be sure to pick detergent options that are biodegradable and phosphate-free organic. Go for eco-certified detergents, and also pick up vegan softener fabric when you are doing the laundry. Animal-based oils are commonly found in traditional fabric softeners. Thus, environmentally conscious consumers are sure to stay away from such kinds of detergents.


Load Efficiently, Not Excessively

For a full cycle to be more energy- and water-efficient, it is better to wash full loads. However, the textiles can be damaged because of abrasion through friction by overburdening the machine. So, ensure you only put enough clothes that can be efficiently washed without damaging the fabric.


Caring for the Fabric and Cycle is Important

If your washing machine does not have an eco-cycle, only use gentle delicate wash cycles for your polo to minimize energy consumption and protect the environment. It provides an opportunity for vehicles to take more wear and tear. The fact of the matter is that do not wash the fabrics with aggressive, short cycles at high temperatures, as they are equal to a threat to the most excellent fabrics, bringing about early wear and tear.

Air Drying 

In order to prevent your washed polo from getting ruined, you need to take it out of the washing machine and dry it properly. And, in fact, the way you dry the polo shirts can really change the situation, too! In this way, air drying could go a long way toward saving energy and emissions. With high energy, shake the wet polo after washing to get rid of wrinkles and hang it outside on a clothesline. 

Fun fact: sunlight plays the role of disinfection and elimination of odor! Keep in mind as well, please, don't leave your polo shirt to be exposed to direct sunlight for more than a day, as this might cause fading.

Gray Horse Basics offers quality polo shirts that stay in their brilliant condition for years without fading their color. So, if you are looking for a good polo shirt, we are here to provide you with the best!


Final Thoughts 

Finding a quality polo shirt with fantastic design and fabric can be daunting. A polo shirt that can stay in their condition is something that is rare to find. But Gray Horse Basics has some fantastic pieces of polo shirts that you must try. To place an order, feel free to contact us.

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