What To Wear With A Men's Polo T-Shirt: Style Guide

What To Wear With A Men's Polo T-Shirt: Style Guide

When dressing for any casual event, the first choice for mostly men is polo shirts. Polo shirts are pretty comfortable and classy that can be styled at every type of event. Whether you want to attend a party or any official meeting, polo shirts can be worn in multiple ways.  

The best thing about polo shirts is that they are simple. Thus, it can be easily styled by adding accessories to the outfit. Polo shirts are easy to get along with many things and help you achieve a different look every time. So, forget the simple look and achieve a different look every time by just pairing up some other stuff. In this blog, we have provided a complete style guide so people can know what to wear with a men’s polo t-shirt. 


Formal or Semi-Formal Look  

If you want to achieve a formal or semi formal look, you can dress yourself in polo shirts. With some choices, you can achieve the look for the event you want a formal look.  


Mix and Match a Polo Shirt with a Suit  

In the era of athleisure, poor old suits have taken a hit in terms of popularity ratings. But a polo shirt is the perfect choice to give tailoring another coat of traditional style. If you want to wear a polo shirt for your formal event, you can go for a black, navy blue, or grey color suit.  

Moreover, if you want to go a little extra with your look, ensure that your trousers, polo shirt, and blazer add different elements to the look. Try a set of beige trousers, a dusty blazer, and a polo shirt in khaki green for an amazing look that is smart as well as stylish this summer with the help of some brown loafers. 


Tailored Trousers with Polo Shirt  

Change your jeans or shorts for a tailored pair of pants that fits you well. Use neutral colors such as charcoal, navy, or beige to form a serious foundation for your look. The pairing of dressy trousers with the casual polo shirt creates a balanced and stylish appearance. 


Wear it with Dress Shoes 

Choose elevated footwear such as loafers or dress shoes. A polished and neat pair of leather shoes would improve your outfit so that it could be worn to more fancy locations or high-class restaurants. When you wear the right shoes, it gives you the aesthetic look you want. Such shoes are perfect for any formal meeting, gathering, or lunch.  


Casual and Easy Look  

If you want to achieve a casual but comfortable look, a polo shirt is the right choice. A Polo shirt is a basic attire, but you can achieve an elegant look by pairing it with the right things. For any informal event,  you have a variety of things that are below to help you get the look you actually want.  


What To Wear With A Men's Polo T-Shirt: Style Guide


Polo Shirt with Shorts  

Short is the best option in summer if you want to look effortless and cool. While pairing shorts, consider the length of the shorts. Shorts shorter than knees may not look good with polo shirts. Therefore, buy shorts that are the right length.   


Polo Shirt with Jeans  

Wear a pair of dark denim jeans to your polo shirt to give it a classier look. Whether the color of the jeans is dark or blue, it will go perfectly with polo shirts. So, you must give denim jeans a try with a polo shirt. 


Complement Polo Shirt with Accessories  

To dress up in your casual outfit, don’t miss the factor of accessories. Sunglasses, a simple leather bracelet, or an attractive watch that will add your personality to the appearance of your outfit without overloading it with accessories.


Polo Shirt with Sweatpants  

In order to stay relaxed and cool, you may wear a polo shirt along with sweatpants. This smart top half has an instant casual feel with comfortable bottoms. Accessorize your style with trendy sneakers or snapbacks. 

To avoid looking sloppy, one should ensure that clothes are fitted and spotless – it is just a fine line between an athleisure outcome and a messy one. Thus, add some elements so you can achieve the perfect look. 

Moreover, for fall, it can be a great combination that will give you the look you want to achieve. Sweatpants are easy and comfortable to wear, that is perfect for evening plans or dinners.  


Pair it With a Blazer 

A blazer paired up with a polo shirt works wonders, from being on an informal dinner night to hanging out with your buddies to work, which is business casual. You will need a white or black polo shirt with a dark suit for these more formal events. Add some fun to the mix with a colorful polo shirt that will make you stand out in the crowd. 


Sports and other Activities 

Polo shirts originally came from the sports world, especially tennis and golf. Embrace their athletic heritage with a sporty and active look. 


Performance Polo Shirt 

If you plan to work out or participate in some physical activity, consider a performance polo shirt or one with moisture wicking. These shirts are made to keep you cool and dry, so they go perfectly for sports such as golf or tennis. 


Athletic Shorts 

Match an athletic look for your performance polo with shorts of a similar sporty feel. Match the color palette of your shirt with shorts to attain a harmonious appearance in the event. Gray Horse Basics provides quality polo shirts that are best for sports and other casual events. 


Golf or Tennis Shoes 

Accessorize your sporty look with golf or tennis shoes. These sports shoes are performance footwear that offers the proper support and grip needed during active sports. 


Tips for Wearing Polo Shirts 

If you want to look nice and stylish in polo shirts, get the most out of your polo outfit by following these easy tips. 

  • Find the right fit: Polo shirts should be a good fit – not tight nor too loose. Wear slim-fitting polo shirts if you want to flaunt the neat biceps. If the shirt is not of your size, it will not look good on you. Thus, it is essential to buy the correct size.  
  • Wear polo shirts alone: Polos are fewer formal shirts, so make sure you don’t wear so much layering on them. In this case, if the dress code requires a blazer to be worn, then it is acceptable that you wear your selected button-down or dress shirt underneath an oversized plaid flannel. 
  • Keep it smart and casual: Wear polo shirts with nicer jeans, chinos, or khakis – not sweatpants or joggers. It will help you look smart and easy. 
  • Explore different knits and materials: The fabric of polo shirts plays a very important role in looking good. Polos are typically made up of cotton, which is warm, and jerseys are for sports where they need to breathe more. Linen ones give a crisper look that’s classier as well. Choose the fabric type you enjoy most and which matches the other clothes in your closet. 


The Bottom Line  

A Polo shirt is a type of clothing that everyone prefers to wear. Because it is easy to wear and looks elegant. Hopefully, with this guide, you know how you can style your favorite polo shirts in different ways. If you want quality polo shirts, you can contact us and grab the best ones in town.
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