4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Polo Shirt

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Polo Shirt

To look perfect for any everyday event, it is important to get the right outfit. For men, a polo shirt is the ideal choice. It can be styled in multiple ways, giving a classy look at every event. Many people think polo shirts are only for sports or casual wear, but with the latest design, you can style them at every event.  

If you want the perfect polo shirt that you can utilize the most in your daily events, it is essential to know how to choose the right polo shirt. In this blog, you’ll learn 4 things to consider when choosing a polo shirt. So, let's delve in! 


The Right Fabric 

From the very beginning, the first polo shirts were made of cotton. This fabric is still very popular, but there are many other materials that have appeared since then. For instance, the cotton blend of poly sells more compared to 100% cotton polo shirts. 

This material does not get wrinkled easily and is unlikely to shrink after being washed. You also have Polyester polo shirts that are made out of nothing but polymer. These polo shirts also have moisture-wicking characteristics, making them perfect in hot and sweaty situations. 

Along with the materials’ content, you should also consider the texture of these fabrics. For instance, you have jersey pique performance polo shirts that each have their own characteristics and properties. Pique is the classic polo shirt, while the jersey is more laid-back. Performance polo is great for the athletic environment. 


The Perfect Color  

Polo shirts are basically referred to as solid-color sports attire. In other words, they are monochromatic from top to bottom. If you will be operating in a corporate setup, you should stick with the single color and omit extra colors. First of all, your company logo color is going to introduce a bit more variety into the overall statics of the polo shirt. 

Your polo shirt’s color should be similar to or complement the color representing your company brand theme. If you do not have a brand theme, it is possible to choose the polo shirt, as that can help set up some brand theme for your company. Your prospective clients will be impressed if you can select a color with an underlying meaning. For casual wear, you can get polo shirts in multiple colors that best suit your occasion. 


The Design  

You should also take into consideration the design or method that has been employed in order to transfer your logo onto your polo shirt. The first preference for the polo's design should be a plain, simple layout with an embroidered pattern or logo, primarily in the left chest area. This is the most conventional design pattern for more than half the polos.

Polos may also contain other types of designs and decoration practices. Generally, the change in design is usually subtle. Still, one of the most pronounced differences between different styles of polo shirts you can identify has been how the dressing logo applies to shirts.


4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Polo Shirt 


Choose the Right Size 

Size is an important aspect to consider, especially when choosing the best polo shirt. You are never to wear a polo shirt that is too big for you, fits tightly on your body, or looks like it can be worn as a dress.

So, to ensure you’re getting the right fit, these are the top 3 considerations you should bear in mind. 

  • Length: A decent polo shirt should be between your hips and mid-pocket on the back. 
  • Width: Your polo shirt should be draped over your body instead of being too tight or oversized around it. 2″ on both sides. The good weight is that it would not be too tight or very loose. 
  • Sleeves: Your polo should be about 10 centimeters above your elbows. 

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The Bottom Line  

If you are looking for high-quality shirts, you can contact us to get your hands on the best shirts in the town.  

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