What is a polo shirt? Styling tips for men working in offices

What is a Polo Shirt? Styling Tips for Men

The history of polo shirts is very interesting. Polo was the first sportswear garment made famous by polo players around the 1880s, but now it is being worn in numerous settings beyond the sports field. Its style perfectly balances formality and casualness; hence, it becomes convenient and multipurpose to attend various functions such as casual trips and semi-formal meetings. Here are some styling tips for men who don’t have much idea regarding how to wear a polo shirt:


Check Fitting:


Go for a shirt that is not too tight and not very loose but rather prefer a shirt which is a little bit on the relaxed side. Hunt the closet in search of the styles that make the body at ease, avoiding the embrace of the fabric. 


Experiment with Colors and Patterns:


Polo Shirts for Men have numerous varieties. The timeless classics blue, white, and black remain a smart choice, but if your style is unique, don't hold back in matching the unexpected colors and patterns. Stripes, checks, and combinations of colors constitute some of the best accessories that can enliven and add a bit of spice to your clothing, which will define your persona.


Layer Smartly:


What is a polo shirt? Styling tips for men working in offices


Bring your outfit to life by pairing a sporty tee under a nice yet thin cardigan or a more refined blazer to create a business yet easygoing look. You have a certain amount of money for amenities, so you have to react by being creative with the temperature changes that could happen in the process of the day.


Choose Appropriate Bottoms:


The polo shirt will go well with your chinos or trousers suit and will be good for your smart dress if you are in a company meeting on a casual call or fine dining out. If you want a little bit of something modern and casual, get your own brand of jeans whose color is close to your sex. Like for shorts, you just need these in hot weather.


Mind the Details: 


Notice the minor patterns like the button placement at the front or the shirt tail that falls at the right location. Polo outfits for men contain a collar that lies flat, coupled with buttons that are also positioned horizontally, which definitely amplifies your shopping look.


Consider Fabric and Quality:


Put your money into the epitome of excellence by purchasing finest polos that have been hand-crafted from the finest material. The thread made of good quality and long, elastic, and absorbent pique cotton was the favorite for manufacturing the socks of the supreme quality, because of its very durability and breathability. Hence the favoring of blends with stretch fibers (e.g. elastane or spandex ), together with stat care and softness provides the opportunity to wear these garments for as long as desired.


Accessorize Thoughtfully:


Finish your clothing range by adding essential accessories like a belt, or a watch while the eye is at them. Concerning the design themes, you must add a personal touch to your clothing so that you represent yourself fully. Gray Horse Basics provides premium quality polo shirts with an excellent fit that can be styled uniquely.


Tailor Your Look to the Occasion:


It is surely a challenge to choose the right outfit that fits your body type. It is an essential one; do you ever think about the clothing you wear day to day, or for school, a club or a ceremony? Regardless of the accessories added with the polo shirt and footwear, it always offers you with a sep-scale or dress-down look which is always in the fashion hype for the socks people. 


Bottom Line:


In conclusion, with these style tips, males can effectively get the most out of this multi-functional fashion item and create relaxed yet stunning looks that combine ideally both for day and night, for weekdays and weekends, and any other occasion. The polo shirt's versatility, comfort, and agelessness make it a garment everyone would need.  If you want to purchase a polo shirt for yourself or for others, then click here.
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