The History of Polo Shirts

The History of Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a clothing variety that almost everyone has in their closet. But only a few know about the history of polo shirts. It is one of the timeless attire that people have loved for decades. It all starts with sports, and then it enters the fashion industry with the help of well-known brands. To know the roots it is crucial to understand the history of polo shirts. So, let’s discover some details about polos!

Beginning of Polo Shirts

It all started with a game of tennis where polo shirts were first used. In the 1900s, a man who loved tennis emerged as an authority on tennis, and he started the trend of wearing polo shirts during matches. He updated the tennis dress by introducing a collar, short sleeves, and a button shirt. This appropriate and stylish attire offered ultimate comfort to the players. While in 1900, many players weren’t fans of this fashion, in the middle of the 20th century, it was a new trend for players to dress up this way.

Polo Shirt Origins

Why polo shirts were introduced into the market and how they have managed to maintain consumers' confidence is a long story. It spans over several decades and different social classes; this has been made possible by multiple factors. Let’s consider how polo has evolved from the first-ever polo shirt to modern fashionable designs.

In 1896, Brooks Brothers introduced the world’s first button-down formal shirt model after a chance encounter with the Winslow polo team members playing in formal shirts in England when the founder’s grandson, John E. Brooks, was on a European trip.

This design is known as the Oxford Cotton Button-Down and it is called the “Original Polo” even though this tapered shirt is not the one that is the first to come to mind at the mention of polo shirts. It was the 1920s that opened the door to the inner connection, which we commonly call the name.

They had their origins in a joint business involving an Argentine-Irish man, polo player, and haberdasher in Buenos Aires who specialized in selling polo shirts with an embroidered image of a polo player. In 1926, an innovative and more modern French tennis player, Jean Rene Lacoste, who was taking part in the Davis Cup, introduced a new design. After great success in the sports industry, polo shirts stepped into the fashion industry.

Polo Shirt Game-Changers

Polo manufacturers have gone to great lengths to dominate their shirts in shopping malls. This is achieved by using designs, fabrics and technology. More and more brands are entering this market, which makes it a little bit harder to determine who produces the best polo shirts.

Over the years, some features have become trademarks of the polo shirt. Firstly, durability is a prerequisite. The great polo is a lasting one. It has to be soft and comfortable too.

The History of Polo Shirts


Many companies have even taken the extra mile by making polo shirts that claim to be both fashionable, comfortable and durable. Designing clothes that should last helps them practice a philosophy that contributes to the reduction of fashion waste. They not only source the best cotton available but also make sure that it is done in a way that is respectable and responsible. The diversity is not even limited to the short sleeve polo and the long-sleeved polo and the no-curl collar is offered in different colors as well.

From Court to Fashion

The polo shirt was created to contribute to the world of sports in the area of sports gear. Nevertheless, when it becomes fashionable in sports, people fancy simplicity and start wearing it for casual outings. It became a popular fashion in the late 1970s for people to use it as both formal and casual.

Now even several famous brands, such as Ralph Lauren, have been exploring various colors and styles of polo shirts, and this has transformed the world of fashion in a new way. Now sports people are not the only ones who like to style their polo according to the many ages and places.

Symbol of Many Businesses

The polo shirts have evolved as a crucial part of the fashion industry. Due to the popularity of polo shirts, several types of industries started to make them clothing uniforms for specific jobs, and it is a major feature of corporate office culture.

Now, polo shirts are the branded sportswear that many companies, sports clubs, and other industries use to show their logos and names on the shirts. Now, polo shirts are used within the niche of brands, fashion, and many different industries. Consequently, these factors make polo shirts more trendy, and people now like to wear them daily. Gray Horse Basics provides premium quality polo shirts that help people look stylish in everyday life. 

The Bottom Line 

If you are looking for a branded polo shirt that can brighten up your personality and provide comfort, you don't have to look further. Contact us today to place your order.

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