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Tips on Styling Your Polo Shirt This Summer

March 29, 2024

Tips on Styling Your Polo Shirt This Summer

The summer season is coming, and now it’s time to upgrade our wardrobe. The first thing we need keep in mind when choosing clothes for summer is that the clothes are light and cool. 

However, we should also know that fashion is still important in summer. This season is not supposed to take your fashion sense. That’s where polo shirts step in. 

Polo shirts are a great choice for summer. They can be worn on different occasions. A polo shirt can be comfortably worn when going to your office or even at a party. 

Polo shirts are one of the classical items of clothing, and especially during summer, they become a timeless classic. Polo shirts are never a miss factor when the summer trend is in play.

They are perfect for your summer clothing and are suitable for every man on those hot days. The core idea of why they are indispensable items for the summer look is exactly this idea.

What Makes Polo Shirts an Essential for Summers? 

Summer is a season that demands comfort and breathability. Hence, polo shirts have become an essential clothing item in summers due to their lightweight fabric and breathable material.

Comfortable Yet Stylish

Polo shirts are totally hot since they let you breathe well and still you look hot and cool.

Polo shirts are crafted out of cotton-based fabrics, making them great choice for summer wear. 

Effortless Casual Elegance

Polo shirts with the case of combining casual and elegant looks, are quite suitable for summer.

It is extremely useful because it adds some elegance to our clothing but it does not make it too formal.

Choosing the Right Fit

Finding the best polo shirt is not just about the color or design but also about how it fits and suits you. The polo shirt which accentuates your body form perfectly is the right match.

Consider Your Body Shape

Size, shape and style are vital. Ensure that you select a kind of character that suits your figure best.

The latter does not impose any of its preference, whether you are slim and athletic or curvy; there is a fit that will help you to bring out your inner beauty.

If you want to look your best, just pay attention to your own figure and that will be a secret weapon for shopping that brings you the most flattering clothes.

Pay Attention to Shoulder Seams

To make sure that the polo shirt fits you perfectly, the shoulder seams of the polo shirt need to be in line with the upper edge of your shoulder. 

If the seam is longer than the end of your shoulder, the shirt is oversized for you, but if the seam is too short, then it is a small size for you.

Ensure that the elbow of your polo shirt is in line with your shoulders, which will give a better fit and make sure that it is not at an odd angle.

Check the Sleeve Length:

The sleeves of a polo should be a little bit higher than mid-bicep, in order to give the shirt a comfortable fit.

The small and narrow sleeves are not only uncomfortable but also aggravating. Pick the size that fit you well and could be easily moved based on your own dimensions.

Evaluate the Body Length

In addition to the collar, the length of the polo shirt is also another vital aspect that needs to be considered by stylists, according to the designers.

The best length for a polo shirt is the one that stands at about the waistband of your pants, plus half an inch or so.

Shirts that are close fitting at the waistline and don`t go all the way down are the most appropriate for you since they look good and you get a great overall look.

Styling Tips for Men: Trying on Stylish Polo Shirts for a New Level of Refined Fashion


Tips on Styling Your Polo Shirt This Summer


Polo shirts could be the most cherished item among all that you own for men. They can be put on casually or accessorized for a more dressier look.

Whether you are heading out for a casual week-end or if you want to dress up for a night out, you can combine those to achieve the style you want.

Pair with Tailored Shorts

Pair your polo shirt with shorts that fits like a glove, thereby helping you to create a contemporary summer style that is ahead of time.

As for the colors in your attire, consider the classics like navy, khaki, or beige for a classic look. Top your outfit with the boat shoes or loafers and you will definitely be in the spotlight with a stylish look.

Go with a Lightweight Jacket for layering

Team your polo with a bomber or jack to get to the new level. This central pair is perfect for a spontaneous as well as formal get-up.

It is also very flexible since it works for all sorts of occasions, ranging from a regular hangout to dinner or lunch.

Experiment with Patterns and Colors

Be as creative as you want and experiment with various patterns and colors when you are buying a polo shirt. 

Strong, neutral colors will make you a safe choice and good looking at the same time. 

Experiment with stripes, checkers, or bright prints for a bold look. 

But make sure that you do not make your clothes too bright, bright, or loud as it may clash with the other details of your outfit.

Dressing up polo shirts with a range of accessories

Obviously, the accessories are one of the must-haves for any outfit, so don't forget to add them up if you wear a polo shirt.

Stylish Watch

When it comes to fashion, things are only going to get better, no one can deny that a good watch on top of your clothes is bound to make you a classy figure that will stand the test of time.

Choose a highly fashionable and polished timepiece with a texture of leather or metal to finish your look.

Subtle Jewelry

Freshen up your polo by incorporating an interesting necklace or bangle that has a funky design. Apply a minimalist approach to design, using plain and simple elements for clean and neat results.

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