What Are the Different Polo Shirt Styles?

What Are the Different Polo Shirt Styles?

Polo shirts are an iconic fashion that can be used in every season. It is a versatile design that can be used in every type of event. This design is diverse that comes in different traditional and modern designs. People have so many options in polo that they always go for polo shirts. If you want to know what the different polo shirt styles are, then continue reading.  

Polo shirts are a common design that is loved by people around the globe. As time passes, there are different types. Every type has its uniqueness that gives an entirely new look to the person. Every design is made for different occasions, which helps a person to choose what will look best on them at different events. 

If you want to look presentable and fashionable, you must know different styles of polo shirts.  


Classic Polo Shirt  

For a casual event, you can go for a classic polo shirt. A classic polo shirt is a traditional design that never gets old. Whether a person wants to attend a casual event or any friend’s hangout, people like to wear a classic polo. Classic polo shirts always come to the rescue when a person has no time to decide what to wear.  

People have been wearing this shirt design for years but never get bored of it. The reason behind its trendiness is comfort and simplicity.

 People who want to look elegant yet simple can wear it with jeans or pants for a sleek look. If a person wants a relaxing look, he can wear it with jeans. For casual wear, classic polo can be carried on formal pants.  


Fashion Polo Shirt 

It is one of the trendy polo styles that most people love to wear. This design comes in short sleeves with a printed shirt of a designer style. People who want to look elegant can wear statement shirts that represent a specific big brand. It not only looks good on a person, but it gives luxurious vibes.  

These types of shirts come in different fabrics, embroidery, and prints that make the shirt look attractive. If you’re looking for something eye-catching, this style is for you. You can make your special appearance with a perfect statement polo shirt. 

Golf Polo Shirt 

If you want a perfect shirt for golf or to get golf vibes, you can go for a golf polo. This type of design mostly comes with lining and moisture-wicking cloth that keep you comfortable in a challenging golf game.  

Moreover, it comes in a sleek design that gives an elegant golf player look. Whether you want to wear it to a golf match or any sports match, it will help you look exclusive and unique.. 


What Are the Different Polo Shirt Styles?


Sporty Polo Shirt 

Polo shirts are a universal design that can be used in every field. People who like sporty look for any sports or game event they can go for this style.  People who like wearing thick fabric can go for it on any casual occasion.

 Athletic shirts can not only be used in sports but they can be used for casual or formal events with proper styling. Therefore, know your type and style of polo for any occasion you want.  


Performance Polo Shirt 

Performance polo shirt  is a trendy design that is primarily used in active lifestyle activities. People who like to do outdoor activities like gym, jogging, walking, or any game can wear this design. These types of shirts mostly come in vibrant and dark colors that make a person look smart. Such shirts are made up of a particular fabric with anti-odor properties.  

It not only provides comfort but keeps a person confident about their grooming. Whether a person is involved in outdoor or indoor games, performance polo shirts may provide flexibility and peace of mind. 


Sophisticated Sweater Polo 

If you’re a big polo fan and don’t know how to survive winter without it, you can buy a sweater polo shirt. Sweater polo shirts are specially designed for cold seasons to provide comfort and warmth. It is a perfect blend of a sophisticated design in a warm fabric.  

These types of shirts have soft collars and buttons, but the overall fabric is warm and thick. Thick material is used to keep the person cozy in cooler climates. These types of shirts can be worn with sweatpants, jeans, or dress pants to give a professional look.  

Sweater shirts are designed to balance formal and comfortable looks perfectly. Hence, this is the right option for you if you’re looking for any shirt style, especially for winter.   


Pique Polo Shirt  

Pique polo is a common polo design that is famous worldwide. Due to its specific fabric, it gives a bold look. If you’re looking for a shirt for any special occasion, you can wear a pique polo shirt. Pique polo shirts come in a variety of fabrics that make the shirt look unique. Usually, these polo shirts are found in short sleeves to give a smart look. 

This shirt is for you if you’re planning a wonderful dinner or lunch with your friends and family. 

Gray Horse Basics has multiple styles of polo shirts that will help you look unique and elegant on every occasion.  


The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, with the above-mentioned different types of styles, you get to know how to style different polo shirts from casual to special occasions. To look good in a polo shirt, the fabric and design must be of top quality. While buying a polo shirt, make sure you’re buying a shirt value over money. To purchase a high-quality polo shirt, feel free to contact us.

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