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How to Style a Polo Shirt?

November 22, 2023

A Polo shirt is one of the popular designs that every man wants in their wardrobe. Mostly people love to style polo shirts in different colors and designs. When someone doesn’t know what to wear, a polo shirt is always the safest option. It not only provides comfort, but it makes you look elegant. If you want to know how to style a polo shirt, this blog will be a great help for you.  

The classic polo shirt is a timeless design that is available in different sizes and colors. A stand collar, attractive buttons, and amazing color can complement any type of person. Whether you want to look more polished on any occasion or want to stay simple at any party or casual gathering, you need a stylish polo shirt.  

If you want to carry a polo shirt with grace and style, below are the ways to style a polo shirt.  


Tucked in Polo Shirt 

Want to look professional yet stylish? Just tuck your polo shirt in with your favorite pants and embrace your look like a professional. To add more elegance, you can pair a decent blazer that will complement your look just like business attire. A polo shirt with a blazer is perfect for any formal event or any casual lunch and dinner.  

If you’re confused about what to pair with a polo shirt, you can go with a navy blue blazer and a light-shade polo shirt. Polo shirts add versatility to the formal look that is perfect for any professional appearance.  


Pair a Polo Shirt with Shorts and Sneakers 

In summer, shorts are the most comfortable attire that always looks good with a polo shirt. If you want to look presentable in summer, you can pair a polo shirt with shirts that hit above the knees. Moreover, to give it a casual look, you can wear pairs of sneakers that make you look cool.  


How to Style a Polo Shirt?


A person may never get wrong with shorts and a stylish polo shirt. Thus, if there is any upcoming casual hangout or gathering, you can try this cool combination.  


Wear it With Jeans and Loafers  

If you want to look decent, you can pair a classic polo shirt with jeans. Wear some slim-fit jeans with a polo shirt, and you are good to go. To add more elegance to your outfit, you can pair stylish loafers. Medium to light shades of denim look perfect with the polo shirt and loafers. If you want to wear jeans in a light color, you should wear dark-color loafers.  


Polo Shirt with Chinos  

If you don’t like to wear jeans or want to try something new, you can go for chinos. It is a good alternative to jeans that can be nicely paired with polo shirts.  

To give a proper look, buy a chino of exactly your size. With chino, ensure you don’t have to fold your chinos from the bottom. With chinos, you can pair it with sneakers and with loafers too.  


Wear a Polo Shirt with a Suit  

For any formal gathering, go for a polo shirt if you want to skip the formal shirt and want something comfortable. A polo shirt looks perfect down a suit to attend any formal event. You can tuck in the polo shirt in suit pants and give it an elegant look.  

However, this look is not for everyone and every day. You can pull this look on special meetings and events. To look presentable in a polo shirt, make sure your shirt is a good fit. If the shirt is too loose or long, it will create an awful look. While buying polo shirts for formal, make sure you’re buying the right size and shape.  


Long Sleeved Polo Shirt 

If you love pairing polo shirts and want to try something new, go for a long long-sleeved polo shirt. For winter, it is one of the best additions to your wardrobe. Such shirts have short bodies and long sleeves that give a person a cozy look. Polo shirts are mostly designed in short sleeves, but if you’re looking for something for fall and winter, it can be a good option.  

At Gray Horse Basics, you can find comfortable and stylish polo shirts that can be paired with your favorite jeans and chinos.  


Polo Shirt and Khaki  

If you want to give yourself a classic look without putting any effort, you can pair it with khaki. There are multiple options in khaki, like khaki pants and chines. To look presentable without adding anything extra, you can go for khaki.  

With khaki, you can wear any everyday shoes, boots, or loafers. It will help you look easy yet stylish for any casual day.  


Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, with these points, you know how to style a polo shirt differently. A polo shirt is a simple attire that can be paired with almost everything. To give it a stylish look, you can add different accessories that will make it more attractive. If you’re looking for stylish and easy-to-wear polo shirts, feel free to contact us.