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Tips on How to Look Great in a Polo Shirt

November 21, 2023

Tips on How to Look Great in a Polo Shirt

A Polo shirt is one of the simple and most used wardrobe staples for a person, especially for men. Most people prefer to wear polo shirts because theywant to look smart.. Whether a person wants to hang out with friends or wants to attend  professional gathherings, they mostly choose to wear a polo shirt.  

Polo shirt is a never-ending fashion that everyone prefer due to its comfortable material. If you like to wear a polo shirt, then you must know tips on how to look great in a polo shirt. There are numerous ways to style a polo shirt for any casual or formal event. Whether summer or winter, you can style a polo shirt with different accessories. To look good in a polo shirt, below are some essential tips that you must know. 


Look for the Exact Fit 

To look good in polo shirts or any good outfit, it is important to wear it in the right fit. Many people pick the right design and color, but they still feel something  missing, which is the perfect size. A polo shirt should not be too loose or not too tight. You need to find the right size that makes you look smart.  

A shirt that is of the right fit makes you look more confident and smarter. Thus, if you want to look good in a polo shirt, it is essential for you to search for the exact size.  


Wear a Polo with a Blazer 

If you want to wear it in winter, you can style a knitted polo shirt with a blazer. In this way, you can style your polo shirt in professional meetings, which will make you look smart. Most people avoid wearing other button-down shirts. If you’re one of them, you should try a basic polo shirt with a good blazer. 


Look for a Shirt with a Pocket 

Most polo shirts are without pockets, but if you want to try something different, you can go for a polo shirt with a pocket. The pocket on the chest will reduce the sharpness of the shirt, and it will look more formal.   


Go For Long Sleeves Polo Shirt

If you want to try something unique, you can wear a long-sleeved polo shirt. It is a comfortable and reasonable option to wear. You can try it if you want to style it on a casual hangout or for something formal. It is the best option for wearing it in winter. You can try the warm fabric that will help you wear it in winter. Long-sleeved polo shirts can be styled with or without a blazer, giving a smart look to a person.  

Tips on How to Look Great in a Polo Shirt


Choose an Athletic Polo Shirt for Casual Wear 

If you’re planning to go to a casual event, you can wear an athletic polo shirt that will give you a professional look. Many people assume that an athletic-designed polo can only be worn on the game court. But that’s not true, if you want something aesthetic for casual wear you can go for an athletic polo shirt in a good color.  


Lose Some Buttons of Polo Shirt 

If you’re not going to any formal place, you can lose some buttons on the shirt. Some shirts come with a V-neck that has no buttons. But if you want a buttoned shirt, you can style it by losing some buttons. Such a design gives a good party and hangout vibes that is perfect for casual events. You can style it with loafers and chinos that are old but trendy style.  

If you like the vibrant or sharp design of shirts, you can go for an open collar that will give it a casual look.  


Go for a Stripes Design in Polo Shirt  

If you want to buy a polo shirt that looks vibrant and eye-catching, stripes are the right design for it. It adds minimal color to the shirt that brightens the eyes of the viewers. On polo shirts, the design can be loud, but in stripes, you will have the mixed color of the stripes that will balance the design.  

Such shirts can be styled with simple jeans, chinos, and trousers that will look good without extra effort. In polo shirts, there can be stripes of two or three colors. You can choose any, keeping color coordination in mind.  


Wear Light Colors in Polo Shirts  

In summer, everyone likes to wear light colors. You can also wear light shades of polo shirts that look perfect in summer. You can go for white, grey, cream, beige, and other light shades that look good with dark trousers. 

If you’re looking for the perfect polo shirt you can check Gray Horse Basics. They have a variety of designs in polo that will complement your personality to another level.  


The Bottom Line

A Polo shirt is a simple men's wear design that can be styled in many ways. If you want to look good in a polo shirt, you need a high-quality shirt with the perfect fit and design. To know more about polo shirts, you can contact us for more information.