Adding a Personal Flair to Your Polo Shirts

Adding a Personal Flair to Your Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are loved by everyone as they can be styled and worn in a variety of ways. Most people wear polo shirts for a business casual look or just casually with a pair of jeans. However, you should know that there are various other ways you can style your polo shirts. 

Personalizing polo shirts has become a famous trend; people can add a personal touch to their clothes to express themselves. 

People are getting creative when styling their shirts, and innovative methods to style polo shirts have been introduced. Here, we will learn some of the best ways to add a personal flair to your polo shirts. 

How to Add a Touch of Personalization To Your Wardrobe? 


  • Organizing Your Wardrobe

Having a plan on hand is one component of creating a personal style that is fun and easy to wear. Misusing your clothes to fill up the wardrobe in random ways is not the right way to do it. 

You will no longer be late for work in the morning or even panic about the choice you have because you will be familiar with what you have and the extras you might need. 

Not only that, but an orderly wardrobe can also save time and help get rid of stress. A well-organized wardrobe, in turn, will be a remedy to the lack of fashion solutions, frustration, and less time and energy to think of other parts of your life.

  • Invest in Essential Items

Your wardrobe cannot be called complete without essential basics. These would be the foundations on which you can build your unique look while keeping it casual.  This one is a part of the whole collection that has garments such as well-fitting jeans or a perfect white shirt to a little black dress. 

These well-known items make up your fundamental collection and can be vintage to bring out the right style.

Trends should be avoided when looking for essentials. Instead, fit and quality are what to focus on. The impression of a dapper gentleman is always made when you are dressed comfortably in well-fitted clothes. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated. Take your time, invest in pieces that will last long enough while meeting these criteria and withstanding constant use, even if they’re more expensive.

  • Customizing Your Clothing

Ultimately, tailoring your clothes for yourself can dramatically enhance your personal look. Customizing will not only help you make your style unique but also help you discover yourself.

You don’t need to be a skilled person in sewing if you plan to customize your clothes. For example, gluing buttons to a shirt, sewing patches on a jacket, or even painting designs on jeans can have a big impact on the appearance of an ordinary garment.

Polo Shirts - The Garment for More Than a Golf Course

Adding a Personal Flair to Your Polo Shirts


The polo shirt, historically a golf uniform and a staple of casual sporting events, has transformed much further away from its traditional settings. 

Now, it's not only an official outfit that works for the business but also a lot of additional social occasions, from the office to the evening events.

Attending Formal Events 

To attend formal and semi-formal events, it is recommended to opt for polo shirts over other garments. It seems quite thrilling, and, in fact, polo shirts can be worn for formal and semi-formal events, but only when they are styled in the right way. 

Whether you opt for a semi-formal look with a well-fitting polo shirt paired with dress pants and a blazer, you will make a great choice that is both stylish and comfortable. As in the case of more formal occasions, you can go for a dark polo without visible logos matched by a smart suit. 

The bold contrast of black and white achieves a neat appearance and, at the same time, provides a contemporary update to the classic formal outfit.

Casual Fridays to Date Nights: Polo Shirts are very versatile

The versatility of Polo Shirts makes them perfect for different events, starting from a classy look of polished shirts for a Friday at the office to spicing up a romantic date night. 

On Fridays, when casual dressing is allowed, a polo shirt and chinos, which have a classic style, make a perfect combination of formal and informal looks. 

For a night out, a polo in an exquisite fabric like silk or a subtle pattern can be teamed up with dark jeans or trousers to get a look that will appear casual yet polished. 

The major point of making the polo shirt work for any occasion is the importance of fit, fabric, and color coordination that should match the place where you will be and, at the same time, let your style be presented.

How Can You Add a Personal Touch To Your Polo Shirts? 

Custom Embroidery

Including embroidery with your polo shirts on them is an effective method of giving them a personal touch. It could be your initials, a symbol of your favorite or a design that is meaningful to you; personalized embroidery allows you to put your own touch in your Polo shirts. There are many online shops and local embroidery stores that offer inexpensive customization options

Mix and Match

Such experimentation needs not be limited to colors, textures, and patterns. A combination of your polo shirt with other components in your wardrobe would result in the unexpected and interesting ensembles.

For one classic look, pair it with a navy polo with tailored chinos, or for a more sophisticated outfit, layer it under a blazer with a patterned polo shirt. The main point is that you have to feel comfortable and express your unique style.


Having something custom-made can be a game-changer when it comes to polo shirts alone, not to mention the whole look. A well-fitted shirt not only put your look better but also makes you feel more comfortable, confident, and, hence, better.

Whether you prefer the slim fit or it is the casual silhouette, the experience tailor with the superb skill will help you achieve the ideal fit that highlights your body shape and brings your appearance up to the next level.

Printing and Graphic Designs

Along with the other popular methods, screen printing is another way to personalize polo shirts with screen printing. This could be achieved via screen printing, heat transfers, or direct-to-garment printing techniques.

Printing enables bright colors, admirable details, and placement of photos/artwork which can't be created by other printing methods.

One can have the message of a favorite quote, a picture, artwork or a logo of any of their choices imprinted by printing them on the shirt. Thus, the preference of the customer is considered in making the shirt a unique one.

Dyeing and Tie-Dye

Polo shirts dying or tie-dyeing is one amazing way to personalize and give them the optical appeal. People can try various dyeing techniques, such as dip-dyeing, ombre, or tie-dye patterns. Hence, they can come up with a number of possible color combinations and designs.

This approach gives an artistic and bohemian vibe to the polo shirts as well, and each dyeing process creates a unique piece.

Tips To Customize Your Polo Shirt 

Less is More

Ask yourself if you prefer embroidery or screen printing, however, be sure to keep the design simple. The process becomes even more critical if you have chosen artisan embroidery. For instance, use text and line graphics without being too complicated. While it is possible that a simpler or more straightforward design will have greater appeal for your customers, an intricate or abstract design may still be favored.

However, if the design of your brand logo is quite complicated or contains too many details, you might want to customize it before printing it on the polo shirt.  Highlight mainly the basic components for a simple and clear look or you will possibly face difficulties with components on the finished design if you do embroidery.

Be Creative

The crafty of embroidery involves having touch as well as not screen printing. This way, you can also add any patterns you want to the embroidery work. To illustrate, the use of different colored threads, for instance, might be the same as or close to the color of your shirt, thereby creating a look-at-me effect that will draw their attention once they have noticed it.

Use Special Threads

The beauty of the threads available is so magnificent that you can create and design your piece however you want. They can take numerous forms, such as metallics, neon, cotton pearls, Persian yarns, rayon floss, and silk threads.

The choice will be dependent on your style and the brand’s identity, but if you want to create an impact with your polos you will have to devote some time to it.


With the addition of polo shirt personalization, the process of building your wardrobe can be done immediately.

Hence, be creative, try out different styles, and show your personality by choosing a polo shirt with a customized print. If having a great quality polo shirt is what you want, then Gray Horse Basics is the place you need to be. Have a look at our polo shirts and place your order.

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