Are polo shirts still in style in 2024?

Are polo shirts still in style in 2024?

A polo shirt is a never-ending style that is loved by almost everyone. People from all over the world love to wear it because of its uniqueness and comfort. Whenever you get confused about what to wear for an event, you can wear a polo, and you are good to go. You can pair the event with a blazer or suit if it is formal. But for casual events, you can pair it with cool accessories that will add more class to your personality. Polo shirts are a centuries-old design that started from a game court, and they have great importance in the fashion industry. Polo shirts are still in style in 2024; you just need to know more about their styling. In this blog you’ll learn how you can style polo shirts with grace in 2024. So, let's get into the details!


The Early History and Changes of the Polo Shirt

Before we go over some of the latest Polo Trends in 2024, let us first have a look at where this item of clothing originated. The polo shirt was initially developed in the mid-19th century as a functional clothing item that had purposes related to the sport of Polo. Polo is a sport with a long history and which is a favorite one. The evidence of this is that it is believed to have first been played in the 6th century. Traditionally, the polo shirt was invented to meet the requirements of the sport played by the nobility on horseback, during which riders changed locations in the UK and India.

While the polo shirt differed from standard dress shirts in providing a much more comfortable and versatile alternative, it allowed athletes greater freedom of movement and access to cooler materials. While it was easier going than a regular shirt, the polo shirt also had a buttoned collar, making it up for the classics. Therefore, it was supposed to remain charming for the well-bred people of the 1920s.

Eventually, the polo shirt gained popularity in the other sporting spheres of play including tennis and golf. For a number of athletes who engaged in different sports, polo shirts became a better choice for comfortable, durable, and lightweight attires that could be worn in any activity. As demand for polo shirts was growing, innovators akin to Rene Lacoste tried this new design and came up with fashionable, comfortable wear. As time went on, polo became more available for everyone, and it no longer meant the elite class only. It became so common that everyone could afford different types of polo shirts. At last, the polo shirt was made popular and became a major trend, wearing it in all casual outfits.

The Main Types of Polo Shirts

Fabrics range from polished to worn-out, and they cover everything from the fresh style to the sporty shirt designed for the athletic area. From the beginning, manufacturers have changed polo shirts in various ways. For instance, they have used different textiles, shapes, and sizes in order to reach different people.

Some of the most common types of polo shirts produced by big brands today include:

  • Short-sleeved polos: The short-sleeved polo happens to be the most recognized and popular type of classic polo. The color options are varied and are normally in soft, unstructured collars with quarter-length plackets that are either single or double buttoned.
  • Pima cotton polos: This is a colloquial name for lightweight cotton polo shirts and is a usual attire for golfers and tennis players. These socks have superior moisture wicking, and at the same time, they are as soft as silk and breathable fabrics.
  • Pique polos: Another widely-liked kind of everyday polo, the pique polos are made out of a special sort of material. The specific type of cotton contributes to the capacity of the polo to somehow stretch and last longer. In your store, you’ll definitely have pique polos manufactured by Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and Adidas.
  • Long-sleeve polos: Long sleeve polos could possibly not be as popular as their short-sleeve counterparts, but they are often a great choice during the cold months. They have sleeves that are long, like the sleeves of men's polo shirts, the only difference being that they are more modest.
  • Athletic polo shirts: The manufacturing of sporting polo shirts is targeted at the sporting sector. They are usually made of fabrics that have good stretch, flexibility, and moisture porosity, as well as features like temperature control.

How do we make Polo shirts trendy in 2024?

For those who are confused about the right way to wear a polo shirt in this new year, this article will present many different options. The other important thing to know is that premium polo shirts may be worn and used in as many ways as a person may be able to imagine. They have the incredible power to blend their way into diverse styles of garment and can effortlessly depict a mix of formal and casual fashion.


Are polo shirts still in style in 2024?

Color Uniqueness

As the new year starts with the most vigorous bang, it becomes necessary to select colors that correspond with the celebration of 2024. Consider using winter/summer colors like green and maroon to match the trending palette for 2024. For a formal event, black or white polo shirts are the best options to use. But, if you are going casual, you can try your hand with some smart polo shirts, which are available in bright and vivid colors.


There is no outfit that entirely depends on the accessories. Choose a plain watch or a beautiful belt that has no difficulty matching with formal and informal fashion. Instead of formal fashion, it is better to try a ring or chain to give the outfit a new cool look. Accessories will add extra glam to your look, and you will look entirely dressed by adding some elements to your outfit. 

Tuck In Pants

Polo shirt tucking in pants, which is one of the most notable changes in western men`s clothing style, has been introduced. This style has reigned supreme ever since the day when actors walked down the ramp with the same style and got massive applause for it. Depending on the event, you can tuck in with a suitable pair of pants that complement the overall look. 

No Low Rise Pants

Similar to the way women's fashion has rebelled against the low-rise jeans, guys' fashion has also come up with a new trend of not wearing any kind of low-rise jeans. Opt for high-rise pants or jeans instead of skinny ones. This way, you can appear slimmer, smarter, and more toned. Even low-rise jeans and pants will make the belly even more visible in this case. This will make you look fatter, and you can’t get a good fitting. 

Infinite Pairings

Polo shirts are a sure-shot possibility to go with any other pair of garments. Whether it’s a blazer, khaki shorts, trousers, pants, or just jeans, they’ll be able to bring a new style that’ll modify the whole look. When it comes to polo shirts, you will be surprised how suitable they will look on you each and every time. This way, you’ll have multiple options to choose from according to your event. 

Why Is Styling Polo Shirt Important?

Styling is something self-expressive. It is one of the most popular strategies that are commonly used in all professional settings, as well as in casual gatherings, to convey different kinds of emotions and moods. For professional attire, bear in mind darker colors and soft patterns. For more family occasions, based on the time of the day, you can either wear ethnic or Western clothes. For brunch with friends or a weekend getaway, why don't you go for the shirt with bright colors and bold patterns and wear it with khaki shorts or trousers for comfort? There are different ways to dress and subtle rules that have to be adhered to, which make styling a form of expression and fashion choice made every day. 

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