How to Style a Polo Shirt for Any Occasion

How to Style a Polo Shirt for Any Occasion

Are you wondering if polo shirts are still a trend? The answer is yes. Polo shirts are a never-ending fashion that has been trending for centuries. If you are tired of wearing formal shirts and want something comfortable yet classy? A polo shirt is the right option.  

A polo shirt is a simple piece of clothing, and that is the best thing about it. Adding some layers and accessories, you can style it according to circumstances and events. You can style It for every occasion you want with class and comfort. Thus, if you love polo shirts a little extra and want to style a polo shirt for any occasion, you have landed on the right page.  

On this page, you’ll learn all the basic tips that will help you in styling your polo shirt for any occasion. 


Tuck In Polo Shirt  

If you're wearing your polo shirt with jeans, chinos, or pants, you could tuck it in and wear a belt. For events that are a bit more classy, maybe you'll want to put on a blazer. But never ever wear the tie with just your polo shirt. 


Button Up Polo shirt  

Do you want to look casual? You should leave some or all the buttons open for a relaxed look. Get the buttons done to make a fancy, neat outfit, especially if your polo shirt is under a jacket.

Polo shirts should fit well but not be too tight. As an everyday shirt, it should not be too tight but shouldn't hang very low. The neck decoration is made to wear off; you want to keep your collar open. 


Wide Range of Colors 

Polo shirts are available in many different colors. Decide colors according to the situation and event you are planning to go to. Black, white, navy, or gray colors will give a classic and flexible appearance. If you want to make your clothes more exciting, pick bright or soft colors like pink, green, and yellow. Moreover, keep in mind to choose a color that goes well with your skin and is suitable for the event. 

Colors play an important role in styling your outfit. Always pick the right color that suits you and the situation the most. 


Try Different Fabric Options  

Polo shirts are often made from comfortable and breathable materials like cotton or polyester. But there are also polo shirts made from other materials like linen or silk for a more fancy and high-class style. Pick a material that matches the event and time of year.  


Different Designs  

In the start, polo shirts came in plain designs, but due to the latest trend you can get your hand on more pattern polo shirts. This way, you’ll have more variety in shirts, and you can wear it at multiple events without any doubt.  


Pair it With Suit  

A polo shirt and a blazer are a good combination if you want to wear them in winter or for formal events. Moreover, it is suitable for meals with your friends or colleagues.  

Moreover, you can pair a suit with a polo shirt to make an old-fashioned yet fun look. It is a suitable replacement for a traditional shirt. Thus, this tip is for you if you want a simple but formal look for a special or professional event.  


Complete Your Look with Accessories 

To enhance your look, you can add some accessories to your outfit. You can wear watches, belts, bracelets, and mufflers to look more modern. It not only enhances the overall look, but it showcases the best about your personality. Hence, add some accessories to your overall look if you want to look confident and attractive.  


Pair Polo Shirt with Upper  

To increase the elegance of your polo shirt, you can add some extra layers to your look. You can wear a blazer, cardigan, sweater, or jacket to look cool and presentable. If you live in a cold climate and want a sophisticated look, you can add some layers to your polo.   


Perfect For Travel Getup  


How to Style a Polo Shirt for Any Occasion


Polo shirts are more manageable and comfortable than other shirts. If you want to travel with comfort, you should wear a polo shirt to travel with ease. Furthermore, you can add some polo shirts while packing, as they are lightweight and easy to manage.  


Sports Activities  

If you are into sports activities, like tennis, badminton, cricket or golf, a polo shirt is the right match for you. You can wear them with trousers, and shorts that will keep you functional and comfortable. While playing games, it is important that you are easy while playing on the field. To maintain your comfort, you can wear a polo shirt.  

Moreover, if you love to enjoy seeing matches on the court, you can wear a polo shirt there too. Polo shirts are breathable and help you in beating the heat all day. At Gray Horse Basics, you can get amazing high-quality polo shirts that will be perfect for many occasions.  


Fall Look  

Polo shirts are often seen in the hot months, but it doesn't mean they can only be worn during summer. In winter, long-sleeve polo shirts also look great. Moreover, they have an attractive appearance, which gives off something different from a normal button-down shirt. In winter and fall, you can wear jackets to get a sharp look. 


The Bottom Line 

Wearing a good outfit is something that gives you confidence and class. If you want to look attractive and appealing, it is essential to wear what suits you the best. If you think that polo shirts look extra good on you, the tips mentioned above will help you achieve the look you are looking for. By choosing the right color, accessories, and fit, you can become presentable for every occasion of your life. To know more about polo shirts, you can feel free to contact us.

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