From the Court to the Closet: The Evolution of Polo Shirt

From the Court to the Closet: The Evolution of Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are one of the most popular attires for men and have an extensive history. Polo shirts were initially started from sports to make a uniform for athletes. But with time, it evolved into the fashion industry and has become the favorite of almost every man. Because of its comfort and simplicity, people love to style it on different occasions. 

If you love polo shirts and want to know about them in detail, it is essential to understand the history of polo shirts. In this blog, you’ll come to know the journey of polo shirts from court to closet. So, let’s get started! 


Beginning of Polo Shirts  

In the start the trend of polo shirts began with tennis. In the 1900s, a tennis expert introduced the trend of wearing polo shirts in matches. He set the tennis attire by introducing a collar, short-sleeves, and button shirt that provided complete comfort and style to the players. Until 1900, many players didn’t adopt the trend of polo shirts, but in the middle of the 20th century, a large number of players adopted this trend.  


History of Polo and Other Sports  

Polo, tennis, and other sports were found in ancient civilizations. In the beginning, people used to play these games to train themselves. But with time, it created historical records in the West and Asia, and people have started loving this game.


From Court to Fashion 

Polo shirts were introduced in the field of sports to create sports attire. But when it becomes popular in the sports industry, people like the elegance of simple attire and start adopting it in casual wear. By the end of the 1970s, people started wearing it as formal and casual.  

Many well-reputed brands like Ralph Lauren have started introducing different colors and styles of polo shirts that transitioned the fashion world in a new way. Now, not only sportspeople but every age of men like to style polo differently on many occasions of life.  


Symbol of Many Industries  

With the evolution of polo shirts, they have become a significant part of the fashion world. Because of the emerging trend of polo shirts, many types of industries make them uniform for specific jobs, and it has become a major culture of corporate offices.  

Now, many companies, sports clubs, and other industries make polo shirts symbolized by placing their logos and names on the shirts. Now, polo shirts are used as an affiliation of brands, fashion, and many types of industries. Hence, these factors make polo shirts trendier, and people now like to wear them in their everyday lives. 


Cultural Evolution 

The beginning of polo shirts started from sports courts, but as the culture evolved, it has become a wardrobe staple. Now, polo shirts are loved by almost every man and even women too.  

However polo shirts have an extensive history, but still, it is a fashion that always retains its spark in these past centuries. Thus, if you are looking for a piece of clothing that never goes out of style, a polo shirt is the perfect choice. For years, it has become functional in the culture and smoothly goes with every life tradition.  

Now, polo shirts are available in the market in multiple fabrics, styles, patterns, and sizes that everyone loves to keep in their closet. 


Today’s Fashion of Polo Shirt  

In this modern era, polo shirts are more than just casual shirts. With different styles, techniques, and accessories, people style it in multiple ways. Now, polo shirts are available in multiple colors, lengths, and fabrics that can be worn in every type of situation.  


From the Court to the Closet: The Evolution of Polo Shirt


The classic polo shirt comes in short sleeves, but with time, it is available in sleeveless and long-sleeved variations that have become a great replacement for formal shirts. Furthermore, people can now style it from the golf course to sports activities to different events.  

Whether a person wants to play games, hang out with friends, attend professional meetings, or go to work, he can wear a polo shirt by adding some layers and accessories. Gray Horse Basics has a variety of classic polo shirts that can be paired with multiple options that go with different events in life. 


The Bottom Line

Polo shirts are one of the old yet popular types of attire that starts from sports, and now every man has it in their closet. If you’re looking for a polo shirt that makes your personality classier and more presentable, you can contact us to get the true classic polo shirt.


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