Tips to Finding the Best Polo Shirt Style for Yourself

Tips to Finding the Best Polo Shirt Style for Yourself

Polo shirts are centuries old, but still, people love to style them. It is the necessary fashion that everyone owns. A Polo shirt is the ultimate style that gives a person an elegant vibe. Whether a person wants to style for summer or winter, it brings out the best in a person. If you’re looking for a good polo shirt, it is essential to know the tips to finding the best polo shirt style for yourself

Polo shirts are a universal apparel that can be used on any occasion. Whether you’re planning a family trip, a friend’s gathering, or any professional meeting, the polo shirt is always good to go. It is a timeless menswear that never goes out of trend.  

Below are the effective tips to find the best polo shirts you must consider. Let’s get started! 


Go for the Good Fabric 

Most polo shirts are made of cotton. To enhance your comfort, buy pure cotton for a polo shirt. In menswear, the combination of polyester and cotton is the most popular worldwide. Such fabric is resistant to shrinking after a wash, and you may see very few wrinkles on it.  

If you’re living in a place or planning to visit a place that has a hot climate, you can go for 100% polyester. A polyester polo shirt is specially designed for hot temperatures that help you stay comfortable. To beat the heat, you can go for a polyester polo shirt.  

For winter, you can go for thick material like sweater polo and 100% cotton polo shirts. They will keep you warm, and you can style it with any blazer.  

Furthermore, the most important thing you must consider in choosing fabric is its texture. The fabric should be friendly to the skin. There are different types of fabric that cause allergic reactions in people. So, choose the suitable polo fabric according to your occasion and weather wisely. Every polo style has a different material; know your style and decide.  


Always Buy the Right Size  

To look good in a polo shirt, it is essential to wear the right size. The size of the polo shirt should not be so loose and not so tight. To style a polo shirt, it is essential to know about your size in polo. To understand the accurate size, you should consider three things.  

  1. Width: The width of the polo shirt should be exact to the body. It should cover your body, not too loose or not too tight. There should be enough fabric on both sides to fit you perfectly.  
  1. Length: The length should be not too long or too short for a good polo shirt. It should fall between the hips and pockets of your jeans. In length never go for a long polo shirt. Always consider the correct length according to your body.  
  1. Sleeves: The sleeve should be of accurate size. It should be 8 to 10 centimeters above the elbows. If you’re looking for slim-fitting sleeves, it is the right size for you.  


Choose the Color that Suits You 

In polo shirts, color is the crucial factor in finding the right shirt. Polo shirts are available in a variety of colors and combinations. Many people go for one color, and some like contrasting themes. The color combination totally depends on the taste of the person. 


Tips to Finding the Best Polo Shirt Style for Yourself


While choosing the color, keep the color scheme and the season in mind. In summer, you can wear light colors to help you beat the heat with style.  


Minimal Design  

If you want something extra for a special event, you can use a minimal polo shirt design. In design, there are different options like embroidered patterns, stripes, lines, different color schemes, and a broad logo.  

Minimal design gives classic polo shirts an attractive and elegant look. If you’re planning to buy a shirt for a special occasion, family or friends' dinner, you can go for a minimal design. It will look simple yet fashionable at any special event.  

The subtle design on the shirt gives a very neat and professional look that can even be used in professional meetings. Don’t go for too loud a design. Try to keep the pattern minimal. A lot of patterns and colors may affect the look of the polo.  


Quality Button on the Polo Shirt  

One of the signs of premium polo shirts is the quality buttons on it. Most brands use low-quality buttons that affect the look of the shirt badly. To look stylish in a t-shirt, make sure the shirt has impressive buttons. High-quality buttons make a simple polo shirt more appealing. Therefore, if you want to look good in a polo shirt, consider looking for a shirt with stylish buttons.   

At Gray Horse Basics, there are various designs of high-quality polo shirts that are specifically designed for every occasion.  


Collar and Interlining 

The collar is the essential element of the shirt that gives it a shape. While looking for a polo shirt, look for those that have a stand collar. A shirt that has a flat collar may look unimpressive and untidy. To give yourself a casual look, go for a stand collar and interlining that make you feel more confident.  


The Bottom Line 

These tips are the important element that can heavily change the appearance of a person who wants to style himself in a polo shirt. These are the essential tips that you must consider while buying. Keep your occasion in mind and decide which type of shirt will be best for you. For any kind of consultation, feel free to contact us.

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