How to style your polo shirt in winter

How to style your polo shirt in winter

Do you like polo shirts and want to look good in winter too? Winter is the perfect weather to style yourself by layering different clothes on the body. If you want to look good in a polo shirt, you need to refresh your wardrobe a little to style it according to winter.  

Polo shirts are a classical option that most people consider while buying. If you are one of them, you need to know how to style your polo shirt in winter. In this blog, you’ll come to know some basic information that will help you in achieving the perfect look this winter. 


Keep it Simple and Classy 

If you have not put any polos in your clothes collection and need a good place to begin, we suggest getting white ones first without going overboard with choices or complications. Polo shirts are something that looks perfect when styled with simplicity.  Polo shirts in white and neutral tones give a feeling of relaxation and make you look presentable. In winter, polo shirts can go with jeans, pants, or even shorts if it's very hot in winter. 


Style it With a Blazer 

In cold climates, you need to cover yourself with a warm blazer that goes perfectly with the polo shirt. You can pull off the collars of a polo shirt from a blazer, and it will add elegance to your look. Whether you’re planning to go for a formal event or a fun thing, you can never go wrong with the combination of blazers.  


Leather Jackets 

We will always support wearing a polo shirt under a leather jacket as an outfit. Men's usual wardrobe includes black leather jackets and polo shirts, so why not put them together? Yes, the leather jacket and T-shirt are a standard mix that many people use. Leather jackets always look cool with a polo shirt. Thus, keep yourself warm with the stylish leather jacket.


Long-Sleeved Polo Shirt  

Mostly, people think that polo shirts come in short sleeves. But polo shirts come in long sleeves as well. Long-sleeved shirts come in two materials: knitted and cotton mix. You can style your winter look with the long-sleeved polo that can go perfectly for any casual or fun gathering.  


Go for Warmer Material   

Choose warm clothing like wool or cotton mix, with extra protection. Polo shirts are a good option for colder days. Go for knitted material with full sleeves that will help you keep warmer in cold climates. These things give better protection from cold and keep heat inside. Search for polo shirts with a heavier weight than your summer ones because they will provide extra warmth but not make you look big.


Knitted Sweaters  

With the perfectly fitted sweaters and cardigan, you can achieve a look that not only looks stylish but provides warmth to your body. You can wear a polo shirt under a V-neck sweater that has its own versatility. Whether you want to style it for work, a close gathering, or a day at college, it is one of the most sophisticated choices for men in winter. 


Pair with Winter Accessories 

Adding accessories to your winter polo shirt outfit can make it look good or bad. Think about putting on a belt, hat, or scarf to make you look better while staying warm. A watch or a leather glove can make you look fancier. When it comes to shoes, people should choose leather boots or sneakers with wool lining. They are suitable for both comfort and looking nice. 


Select Right Bottoms 


How to style your polo shirt in winter


Match your polo shirt with clothes good for winter to finish off your look. Good options are dark denim jeans, corduroy pants, or wool trousers. You can put your polo shirt inside for a neat look, or don't tuck it in for a relaxed feel. Complete your outfit with a fashionable belt that goes well with everything. 


Select the Right Fit  

You need the right fit to get the perfect polo shirt for your winter wear. A shirt that is too loose or tight may not look good with winter accessories. To get the perfect polo shirt, you need the right length and width of the shirt.  

Moreover, the fitting of the shirt depends on the material. Make sure to buy a suitable fabric that doesn’t shrink after washing. For winter, polyester and knitted materials are suitable for the cold and harsh weather. Moreover, there are jersey polos that are best for keeping the body warm and come in perfect fit. Therefore, it is essential to get the right fit before buying a polo shirt. 


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