Pairing Polo Shirts with Blazers and Chinos

Pairing Polo Shirts with Blazers and Chinos

Polo shirts are one of the most versatile clothing items. No matter the occasion or place you are going, you can always rock your outfit with a polo shirt. 

The polo shirts gained importance due to their ability to go along with various outfits. If you are going for a casual outfit, pair it up with jeans or shorts. But you can also wear them with dress pants and blazers for a semi-formal look. 

However, pulling up a formal look while wearing a polo shirt is not that easy, and you need to put in some extra effort and be creative. 

Why Do Men Always Choose to Wear Polo Shirts?


Breathable clothes are significant as they ensure that you feel comfortable and well-aerated. You can wear these permeable polo shirts at any time, while roaming the city on a sunny day or simply lounging at home. 

The fabric used to make these polo shirts is of the highest quality, and it is lightweight and soft, ensuring your comfort. Breathable clothes are essential for any occasion, not depending on the weather. Yet meanwhile, should you wish for permeable polo shirts, exaggerated polo shirts, or something else permeable, you can also seek them here.

Enhance Your Style

What makes polo shirts boring is the widespread occurrence of solid colors. Bringing them to the next level of fashion is the only way to spice things up; embroidered or embellished shirts are perfect for that.

It can be done in different ways, such as stitching a badge or using a more complicated design. This can be done by wearing a polo shirt with a large and recognizable totem that clearly illustrates your character and fashion sense. The use of exaggerated polo shirts has proven to be an effective method in enhancing the character's style with the ability to add a touch of authenticity.


The Polo Shirt is a timeless piece of clothing. Besides being a good-looking piece of apparel, it can be used for both formal and casual occasions. First, these shirts are versatile and can go from a t-shirt to a sleek polo so that you can wear them daily.

Pairing Polo Shirts with Blazers and Chinos



There are multiple situations where a product desperately needs to resist unnecessary wear, holes, and tear. This is particularly the case when a product is consumed in daily lifeways. The ease with which a product will be used to the extent of its continuous use will depend on the material from which it is made.

Which factors are to be looked into when purchasing a polo shirt?

Material of the Shirt

The choice of a polo shirt is significant when it comes to the fabric of the shirt. Cotton can be the perfect solution for those with a desire to look carefree or casual. But in that case, if you are looking for a more formal one, linen shirts can be a good option, too.

What Color To Choose?

The other key aspect to keep in mind when you are purchasing a polo shirt is the color of the shirt you choose. By far, the first step to buying a polo shirt is selecting the perfect color that matches your look.

Then, you would have to think about the type of occasion and how formal or casual it is. Consider a scenario where you are going on a date with someone. Thus, a cool dark color would be perfect under the suit.

The Material Should Be Sweat-Proof

In selecting a polo shirt that is to be used for outdoor activity, the choice of fabric, whether the latter is to be water-repellant or not, becomes a critical consideration. Materials come in different types, like protein leathers and silks, that can also be treated using this process.

The breathability of fabrics also has an impact on the stay of water-repellent clothing. However, if you are concerned about the effect of sweating on your clothing when you participate in different activities, then this could be one factor you need to consider when selecting the type of polo to buy.

Check For The Collar

The next advice on the matter is to focus on the collar. The neckline of polo also has significant meaning as it can be very smooth and comfortable or unpleasantly stiff. If you want a collar that is not heavy and hard, then choose a shirt with a button-down collar. 

However, if you prefer a stiffer or more formal choice, then go for a collared shirt with either a built-in or pleated collar.

Importance of Blazer in Men’s Wardrobe 

Among many wardrobe staples, some are particular for fashion and feature their versatility, simplicity, and timeless appeal. Among all of them, there is a blazer, which plays a very important role as it is a style that gives us an opportunity to add something to our formal attire or wear it with a casual outfit, and it is one of my favorite things to do.

A Symbol of Elegance and Sophistication

The stylish blazer embodies a sense of sublimity and elegance, and it gives an air of decent and high class to any outfit at the moment.

The garment's structured silhouette and fitted design are essential for smart dressing, and its unmatched elegance gives it that indispensable association with formal occasions.

Versatility Redefined

Compared to its dress version, the jacket and blazer is especially flexible in terms of its uses. It works whether it is a meeting in the boardroom or an after-work social gathering, as it easily fits through various dress codes and roosting spots.

Elevating Casual Attire

The most astonishing characteristic of blazers is their capability to uplift looking a little more dressed-up.

Adding a blazer to a denim or chinos outfit is a simple trick to quickly change the chill-out appearance into a polished yet quiet style from which you have a wide choice of places to go, such as dinners, dates, or weekend outings.

Bridging the Gap Between Seasons

With its capability of styling upon seasons, the jacket can merge spring and autumn or serve as a layering piece in winter.

The airy and light feel of clothes made from fabrics like linen and cotton are typically suited for spring and summer seasons, whereas wool and tweed are known for keeping the body warm and insulated during colder climates. 

How Can You Pair Polo Shirts With Blazers and Chinos? 

Matching Polo With Grey Suit Ensures You Make The Right Combination.

The contrast between the light-shaded grey of the suit and the darker navy polo is a perfect match, which in turn creates a stylish and classy look. The simplicity is the one that makes it unique.

Top it off with brown suede loafers for a dash of classic style. This look is an eternal favorite to be used on a beach party. The shirt’s collar, tucked neatly underneath the suit jacket jacket, ensures a sharp and neat appearance.

The outfit radiates the nonchalant sophistication of the shirt’s fabric that matches the seersucker suit.

Navy Elegance

This look is an easy coastal vibe for a beach party. The polo shirt nicely tucked into the jacket collar with a suit jacket gives it a crisp and polished appearance. The shirt’s material echoes with the suit’s color scheme, creating a carefree sophistication.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Beige 

Beige is a color that has never gone out of fashion and is always in trend. But it is particularly eye-catching when combined with the shades of beige and white, adding an aspect of stylish flair and breezy chic.

This superb combination of a sports coat and casual polo shirt is the best option for a great casual date night outfit.

A green blazer with a dark green polo shirt for a light green blazer.

You might find it hard to imagine how a classic pique polo shirt could work with tailoring, but if you know how to style it right, it could really give you a fantastic look The other brilliant aspect here lies in the green tonal, using different tones for a blazer and a polo. 

The most important part is to have the jacket lighter than the trousers if they are the same color, and if you need to take it off, it will form a nice contrast and look better if the polo is darker.

A navy polo shirt with an olive green blazer.

A blazer and polo shirt is not as expensive as an academic dress or a yacht’s owner outfit, but if styled correctly, it can bring to mind either of them.  Filled with some new(reborn) old money look. It is exactly in the middle spot between the two (to say the least).

Grey-checked blazer with a black zip polo neck.

A grey blazer with a black outfit will always make you look good and elegant as if you were a 60s icon who is well-dressed and has a check involved. The timeless combo is revamped in a polo with a zip-neck that has sneakers replacing a more conventional Chelsea boot or loafer that is the most commonly used.

The beauty of life is, in contrast, as in most situations. In our lifetime, nobody would even dare to wear a jacket of this kind with laid-back sneakers, but today, the rules of dress codes are no longer strict, and those of us who like to get creative are free to choose how to mix and match pieces.

Grey-brown check blazer, which is attached to the tan zip-neck polo shirt.

Textured blazers with polo should be the golden rule of not being too monotonous when they are paired with a polo, and the contrast should be noted. It is one of the main things that we are talking about - the color must be plain or blocky, and the style of it should be minimalist.

This example is for those who like a sporty touch and have an obvious zip line, but it’s very clean compared with the show-off jacket. The dark brown checked double-breasted blazer with a long-sleeved blue polar shirt.

Pairing Up Your Polo With a Double-Breasted Jacket 

It is possible to wear a double-breasted jacket with a simple polo without any difficulties. The jacket being buttoned up is a testament to the fact that not much of the polo shirt can be seen, so the main focus is just on the crispness of the collar and the color coordination, which encompasses the overall look.

With this, it is used as a bold color pop on a yellow pocket square that coincides with a lively shirt that would otherwise be white and beige. The magic of this technique would also work if the dark dress had a matching polo shirt underneath it.


Pairing up a polo shirt with a blazer and chinos can be a fine but tricky choice. You will only look good if you are able to pull up this look with confidence. 

You can always rely on Gray Horse Basics polo shirts for pairing up with a blazer. Contact us today to buy your favorite polo shirts.

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