Golf Shirt vs Polo Shirt: What's the Main Difference?

Golf Shirt vs Polo Shirt: What's the Difference?

Golf Shirt vs Polo Shirt: What's the difference? Even though both look like collared shirts with buttoned plackets and short sleeves, some minor details can distinguish them. Being familiar with these details can allow you to choose the appropriate shirt for the given occasion and be adequately dressed. 



What is a Golf Shirt?

A golf shirt is a clothes piece, which is lightweight and breathable generally made with synthetics or cotton materials. The fashion of the golf shirt aims to be as versatile and cozy as possible for golfers. These shirts usually come in a relaxed fit and have a collar so they are the ideal choice if you are a golfer who is required to dress to a code.


What is a Polo Shirt?

A polo shirt, which is the popular term for the tennis shirt, is a little more formal than a golf shirt. As with golf shirts, the polo shirt style has a collar and is a bit slimmer in fit design than the others. Moreover, they have a refined fabric that includes cotton, silk, and merino wool. Polo shirts have the advantage of being multifunctional and usable both for casual and semi-formal events.


Golf Shirt vs Polo Shirt: What's the Main Difference?


Likewise, polo shirts are constructed with plackets which are small slits at the neckline that permit the wearer to unbutton them in order to have more convenient airflow. A polo shirt can be seen in long or short sleeves and is offered in a wide array of styles. Let's delve into the details of Polo Shirts for Men and Golf Shirts for men:


Key Difference Between Golf Shirts and Polo Shirts

The main distinctions between golf shirts vs polo could be the color, collar style, and cut of the neck. The key divergences between golf shirts and polo shirts lie not only in their style but also in their functionality. The golfers’ shirts, as well as the polo shirts, are created for the sportsmen and other athletes. However, polo shirts can be used on different occasions.

More often, golf shirts have a more relaxed fit than polo shirts, hence they are comfortable, and do not limit movement. Unlike the polo shirt, the rugby shirt has a boxy fit that makes it more suitable for informal occasions. Above that, polo shirts often carry finer materials than golf shirts, making them a more dressy option by comparison.

Among the many factors that differ between golf and polo shirts, the neckline collars are one of them. T-shirts of golf usually have a collar design that is more loosely structured, while polo shirts have a collar structure that complements their formal appearance.


What to Choose: a Golf Shirt Vs Polo Shirts

If you are wondering about the differences between golf shirts and polo shirts, you need to look at the specific occasion you’re going to. The golf shirt fits very well on golfers or anyone who is planning to use it for outdoor activities, it may be very convenient and relaxed. They are best suited for extremely hot and humid places because of their moisture-wicking qualities.

While polos are more versatile and can be used in multiple scenarios, they are not the ideal choice for professional and formal settings. They’re good at this type of occasion, be it for formal gatherings or to just hang around. Polo shirts can be matched with khakis and dress-up pants or can make a jeans pair look good without being too formal. This makes them a very practical piece of clothing. Gray Horse Basics provides premium quality polo shirts with an excellent fit that can be styled uniquely according to your needs and preferences.


Intended Use 

Unlike either shirt, both of them have been created for casual attire, but golf shirts are crafted explicitly for engagement in physical activity and may even have some performance-boosting features such as wicking fabric and stretch panels. On the Converse side, polo shirts are very versatile and can be matched with a suit and tie for formal occasions or for a casual situation where one can put on a pair of jeans and pair it with a warm sweater.


Bottom Line

Simply put, golf shirts and polos share many attributes in terms of patterns and construction, but minute differences will also help set them apart. Learning about these variations will allow you to make the most appropriate selection of a shirt for a given occasion. To purchase premium quality polo shirts, you can click here.
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