Learn About “Are polo shirts summer or winter clothes?”

Are Polo Shirts Summer or Winter Clothes?

Picture yourself on a road trip with your friends. The weather is nice, but you know that it's not always predictable; it could be windy for one second, and then it can be so hot that you'd regret leaving the comfort of home. Due to your doubts, you do not know what clothes to wear. A button-down shirt that could be excessive in the humid weather? Or a t-shirt that might feel too casual to beat the harsh winds? However, this confusion should not be there if you have a versatile option like a set of polo shirts in your closet. 

Polo shirts can be worn in all weathers, and there is a huge variety of them. From the fabric to how you pair it with other clothing accessories, irrespective of the season, a polo shirt is a must-have item in the wardrobe of any man. 


Brief History of Polo Shirts

The tennis shirt, introduced as a sports attire during the 1920s, was mostly worn to play Polo. In the 1950s, everyone used the term "polo shirts" to get their permanent name. A calm activity for the warm weather, polo shirts for men are a versatile alternative to regular t-shirts; formal enough to be worn during professional lunches and casual enough to be pulled off on any occasion.


Fabric of Polo Shirts

The fabric is the key factor in the total practicality, functionality, and comfort for the wearer, and at the same time it improves the look of the person. The polo shirt is a perfect example of this because it can be used for different activities like sports, gym, outdoor and for daily wear. Hence, it is important to pick the fabric for polo shirts that can easily fit your specific needs. If you are wearing it in summer or winter , you must carefully analyze the fabric of the cloth so you are comfortable in your shirt.


The fact that Men’s summer polo shirts are available in a vast range of styles and materials, it gets confusing to find the right one. The first thing that you should do when deciding on the right polo shirts is to think about the type of polo shirt fabric that you are going to use, as it can either be the game-changer or the game-loser of your style.

Various fabrics have different degrees of breathability, stretch, and softness, and hence, the selection of the right polo shirt cloth type is crucial for its comfort, especially for long-term wear. The type of fabric also decides how long the polo shirt will keep its shape, color and overall quality.


Polo Shirts in Winter

Throwing on a polo shirt in winter can be both fashionable and comfortable by using a few layering tricks. Take the lead and pick a long-sleeve polo shirt made of thicker materials like merino wool or a cotton blend to keep you warmer. To get a smart look, try to layer the polo under a warm sweater, but make sure the sweater is either a V-neck or a half-zip so you can see the collar peeking out.


Different from this, you can have tight thermal underwear under your polo to have more insulation without bulkiness. This ensemble can be finished with a blazer or a sweater, depending on the kind of gathering. An informal party or a semi-formal event would require a casual or semi-formal outfit. Try dark jeans or chinos as a great complement to your winter outfit, and finish it with winter accessories such as a scarf, gloves, and a beanie.

Do you have the option of wearing a sweater or a cardigan over a polo? To be precise, it is subject to the event.  If you are going to a more formal event and you need to put on an extra layer, men’s winter polo shirts can be a good idea. Gray Horse Basics provides premium quality polo shirts for winters with an excellent fit that you can add to your wardrobe for daily wear as well as casual wear. 


Polo Shirts In Summer

Although summer polo shirts are very famous and liked by individuals of all ages, due to their attractive and stylish looks. You can wear polo shirts in summer by pairing it either with chinos or with shorts. 


Yet it is important to understand that Polo shirts are not only for the summer months; they can be worn all the time of the year. For fall and winter, don't forget to get some long-sleeve polos in darker shades that will look awesome when you pair them with a turtleneck or scarf.

Learn About “Are polo shirts summer or winter clothes?”


Layering A Polo Shirt

Besides, you can choose other layers to put on a polo top, the winter coat being one of the most popular. Most decent coats or jackets are suitable to wear over your polo. They are the ideal winter complement to your fabulous look, but at the same time, they do not take away from it. Having no other thing under the hat results in a stylish yet minimalist image. Keep warm by putting on only one more layer, and this is to show the polo underneath. Don't put on that dirty, ripped, or damaged coat on top of your polo.


Bottom Line

A polo is so versatile that it can be worn for any casual occasion, from outdoor barbecues with friends to trips to the shops. To purchase polo shirts according to your taste, you can click here.


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