About GrayHorse

We are leading the US Market in the design, marketing and distribution of luxury lifestyle. We have been developing a wide range of Polo T-Shirts for consumers, brands, distribution channels and US market. Our sole purpose, that is guiding us each step of the way,is to let people feel great about themselves through our timeless style.
  • Our Mission

    Our brand stands as a beacon of inspiration for the generations to come. We are committed to fostering profitable and sustainable businesses for our valued consumers, our planet -we call home, and the community we are collectively building!
  • Our Values

    We care about ‘You’ so we strive to make sure that all our products are worth your investment! That’s why, every item is made with a high thread count and hight quality fabric is used. This makes them softer, more durable, and gives them that unique sheen that doesn’t fade with every wear.

  • Our Customers

    Bridging the gap between our craft and our customer is the goal of what we are striving for! We care about all our brands that we are connected to and thus we successfully navigate the benefits of screen printing, heat transfers, laser etching and pad printing to transform the design into a personalized flavor. Satisfaction guaranteed - try us today!

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    Enjoy cost-free shipping on all orders.
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    Around-the-clock assistance for your convenience.
  • Money Back Guarante

    Shop confidently with your satisfaction guarantee.
We're not just about clothing; we're about passion, connection, and quality that speaks for itself! Our journey began with a simple idea: to create affordable, high-quality polo shirts that bridge the gap between style and function.

Gracie Potts

Founder GrayHorse


“Gray Horse polos have been a game-changer for Equine Essentials. Our customers notice the quality, and our profit margins stay healthy”


Equine Essentials Owner

"Uniform sourcing became a breeze with Gray Horse. Their polos strike the balance between budget and smart."


Gallop Logistics HR

"Gray Horse polos? My riding buddies. Comfy enough for long rides and stylish for hangouts. "



Rider at Heart